Their attention to detail, client service, and enthusiasm for our events are unparalleled. The EW team expertly manages all event logistics, has a back-up plan, and anticipates potential problems and devises solutions, always with a genuine commitment to making our walks the best experience possible for our participants.

This event simply would not be possible without them. It has always been clear to us and to our Walk participants that EW Group is much more than an agency- they are an extension of the Hope & Heroes team.

For 21 years, NYU has now entrusted EW Group with its enormously important Grad Alley event, and for every year, they’ve nailed it! Producing an event on the streets of Manhattan, combined with organizing this graduation festival for 15,000 guests has the potential of being a logistics nightmare; yet Rich and his team pull it off flawlessly every year.

We had far more attendees than we had hoped for and EW Group did an excellent job of keeping the ship afloat. Many conference attendees commented about how smoothly everything ran, which is thanks in no small part to Rich and his team. They did an amazing work in planning and executing such an important event

Their work for the MGFA is much more than professionally-executed MG Walk logistics. EW Group’s team members have developed relationships with our top team captains and walkers, helped MGFA to form community groups to enhance programming, and to more than double the campaign revenue of our rare disease organization.

Their passion for our success was instrumental in the execution of The Buzz in the Bronx campaign.

I attribute a lot of the success of New York City to the EW Group. They’ve been a real partner with us, helping us really create the event we wanted.

Their attention to detail to ensure a seamless golf outing while making sure we capitalized on every opportunity to raise funds was unparalleled.