Type Of Events

There is a certain art form in understanding and implementing a client’s vision. It’s a balance of listening and engaging, creating, guiding and executing flawlessly.

For more than two decades, we’ve created and/or managed hundreds of events designed to capture the essence of that vision, while carefully managing budgets, branding, detailed logistical planning and implementation. We ensure two things: programs that meet your goals – whether fundraising, awareness, brand engagement or something else – and events that transform into truly memorable experiences. Let us show you how we Make It Happen!

Commencements and Graduations

Whether it is on your campus or at a large-scale arena/stadium,  we will have every aspect of your graduation or university commencement covered.  The moment we start meeting with all of the different departments at a school or university, we entrench ourselves in the brand and fabric of our clients’ schools.  Whether it is working with the school’s event office, dean, provost, security, food service provider, a/v staff, committees or volunteers,  we will work hand in hand with every touch point as if we were full-time school staff.   The reward of doing so lifts the large burden of this important day off of our clients’ shoulders while making the day as memorable as possible for the graduates and their families!

Higher Education Experiences

Whether it is on your campus or in the community nearby, EW Group will quickly understand your vision and goals and then help your school create the ultimate student and/or guest experiences including Move-In Days, Acceptance Student Day(s)/Open Houses, Homecoming and other Alumni Events, School Fundraisers such as Golf Outing, and Conferences & Meetings.

We work closely with Special Event Directors, Commencement Officers, Alumni Managers, Admissions Vice Presidents, Provosts, Deans and Residential Life Coordinators to plan and manage their special events. They have appreciated how much work and stress has been removed from their “full plates” while helping them “raise the bar” in terms of planning and producing successful, seamless student and guest experiences.

What impresses EW Group’s clients “over and over” again is their ability and willingness to immerse themselves as a true extension of their institutions.

Festival Production

A large-scale event, like a festival, needs a large scale venue, often on downtown streets, in a community, or a downtown campus, or college street and with experienced staff. We will find your perfect venue, obtain the necessary permits, communicate with local law enforcement and/or city agencies and manage the numerous vendors to ensure that your festival goes off without a hitch. We can also train and supervise your staff and/or volunteers so everyone involved can best serve your guests.

Conferences/Meetings, Government Programs and Galas

From conferences, to summits and sales meetings, to trade shows and to charity Galas, we know that there are hundreds of moving parts that can feel overwhelming. Let us handle all the particulars including securing dates, venues, contracts, entertainment, accommodations, security and transportation for guests. We can also coordinate the entire itinerary, the a/v needs, the run of show and all other logistical details!

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Fundraising

Our business originated with P2P fundraising events and we’re experts in this arena, having developed countless non-profit walks, rides, stair climbs and runs through the years, many setting records for funds raised or the number of participants. We know what elements drive a unique and unforgettable experience and can even help with your fundraising efforts.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Social responsibility plays a vital role in showcasing the good done by corporations. We have been tapped by major companies to develop events that provide both a day of fun for each company’s employees and their families, and promote wellness, while giving back to that company’s local community.

Golf Outings

We can manage every aspect of your charity, corporate, or schools outing from securing a renowned golf course/club, to managing volunteer committees and to creating the production schedule. Additionally, we are well versed to help develop and implement plans for a raffle, or silent/live auctions, to working with the Pro Shop/banquet club staff, to creating sponsorship signage, to finalizing foursome pairings, and to manage all day of golf activities including financial tracking.

Experiential Marketing and Brand Activation

The marketing world has changed and consumers expect exciting, interactive experiences. Whether this means creating the fastest pit stop in America in downtown Chicago, fans receiving a haircut with their favorite sportscasters outside Yankee Stadium, or enabling the breaking of a world record for walking on one’s hands, we have been there and done it! We secure the correct permits, connect with the appropriate local authorities and provide the vital event venue research that will meet your goals. We have all the experience you need so that you can focus on your brand and not the logistics necessary to pull off a memorable and unique experience for your consumers.


Beyond event creation, EW Group is a full-service event consulting, management and marketing agency. Whether you need a turnkey solution for your next event or our full campaign approach, we can serve as your vital and passionate partner!

Event Creation

Tell us your vision and goal, and we’ll help you achieve it, from mass market fundraising events to conferences, sales meetings, and golf outings, to experiential marketing and brand activations, festivals, corporate social responsibility, and virtually any other major social gathering or gala.


For every program we create, we develop a focused marketing plan that includes goals, strategies and tactics to target the right audience. EW offers a full-service marketing team that specializes in handling all event marketing needs, from branding/identity design and custom collateral development, to public relations and online fundraising.


Ever tried to get a major bridge, tunnel, highway or city block shut down for an event? We provide the know-how and the contacts to get it done. EW Group’s behind-the-scenes relationships throughout the US, developed over many years, means you won’t lose sleep worrying about managing event operations. We handle permits, pre-event site inspection, mapping event flow, signage, and a million other operational details, whether your event is in the thick of New York City, or small town America.

On site Event Management

If you elect the full campaign approach, we’re with you every step of the way, including event day. We’re first on the scene, ensuring the set-up proceeds according to plan, handling signage, ensuring your customer or VIP team lounges or tents are stocked with refreshments, emergency services are there, and promotional and directional signage is placed. In short, we’re there to sweat the details so that you don’t have to!

Vendor Management

Vendors are an integral component of any event, renting you the supplies you need to make your event a success. But not every vendor is reliable or easy to work with. We can take these stressors – arranging site visits or making important follow up calls to keep everyone on schedule — off your plate so you can have important interactions with your constituents.


Latent donors? Let us reel them in. Great potential? Let us help you engage them. Participants look for guidance and inspiration. EW Group makes it happen using your contacts and resources.

  • Mission: Event participants are more than witnesses; let EW Group activate them to your cause.
  • Coaching: Fundraising doesn’t have to be intimidating. Every day, we show participants how fun and easy it can be to see results.
  • Recruitment: We can find your next star volunteer, donor, or advocate, just by keeping in touch…including as a virtual participant!
  • Convenience: Why staff a whole department to reach your constituency? Our professionals have you covered.

Volunteer Management

For your P2P fundraising event, golf outing, conference or gala, the volunteers who bring each program to life are essential to success. At EW Group, we pride ourselves on engaging your volunteers and using the best team for every campaign and event we produce, ensuring they’re properly trained on all aspects of their job, whether the team is hired by EW or brought in by you. Creating job descriptions, pre-event and day–of-event volunteer training are all essential components of the EW event management checklist.