Why Partner with EW Group?

All of us at EW Group love what we do! We care greatly about our clients and are passionate about one goal — partnering with our clients to help them create and implement an extraordinarily successful event! We are masters of planning, promoting and producing large-scale events, including managing all the logistical minutiae right down to the unexpected on event day. We enable you to focus on the most important event aspect, your constituent/customers, while we handle all of the event’s many moving parts.

We thrive on pulling people together toward a common goal, quickly pivoting in response to unexpected conditions and working hard to “Make It Happen.” The camaraderie we share with our clients, vendors, volunteers and constituents is why we do what we do!

There are so many reasons to partner with EW Group:

  • Experience

    Years of experience creating, planning and executing every kind of event with hundreds of major nonprofit organizations, universities, corporations and government agencies.

  • True Partners

    We become your true partner! We may not be located down the hall from you, but we will work for you as though we are, becoming an extension of your staff and your organization’s culture, vision and goals. We want you, your team and your organization to shine as the event host. On site and when interacting with your constituents, we are a proud representative of your organization, not EW Group.

  • Handle Event Logistics

    We handle all event logistics, so that you can focus on your mission or business without becoming bogged down by endless and stressful details.

  • Manage Negotiations

    We manage negotiations that may be new to you. We know who to call and how to secure permission to stage events at all kinds of venues including parks, waterfront property, sports stadiums, downtown streets and even closing down highways, bridges and tunnels!

  • Handle All Operations On Event Day

    We handle all operations on event day, and we ensure that you have senior management on site at all times, allowing you to engage with your top fundraisers, sponsors, board members and customers. We promise you will actually enjoy the event and event experience!

  • Create, Plan & Execute Full Campaign Event

    We have the team and expertise to dedicate the 400- 500 hours on average it takes to create, plan and execute a full campaign event.

  • Understand All The Details

    We know what unique elements truly drive the experience. From signage and directing guests where to go for their smooth navigation, and implementing a smooth check-in process so that your constituents don’t wait on long lines, and safety provisions, we understand all the details that make an event run smoothly. We’re ready for the unexpected to assure that your event is seamless.

  • Manage, Recruit & Train Volunteers On Site

    We manage (and even help recruit and train) volunteers on site, ensuring they know exactly what to do to create a smooth-running and terrific experience for all participants.